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At 3.75 inches tall weighing a meager 4 ounces of vinyl Funko Pop! can be worth thousands of dollars. These little figurines have collectors going crazy as they try to collect, trade, and sell to come up with the most valuable collection

Today we start our top 50 counts down of the current most Valuable Funko Pops, please note this is our based on current market prices and can rise or fall at any moment

     50.  Giant Steamboat Willie (Metallic) valued at $1,140

 Mickey Mouse was known as Steamboat Willie and made his debut in 1928. Now, he's a giant Funko and stands a proud 9 inches tall.

     49.  Mickey Mouse (Metallic) $1,220

Introduced at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, metallic Mickey Mouse has risen steadily in value

    48.  Bone Daddy (Red Suit, Glow-in-the-Dark) valued at $1,230

Bone Daddy figurine from the Spastik Plastik line which are remakes of the original kustom culture. The red skeleton wears a double-breasted red suit, a black tie, and a wide grin.

    47.  Captain America (Metallic) : $1,340

Created for the "Captain America: The First Avenger," this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive variant was released in 2011

    46.  T-Bone (Metallic) $1,460

A medley of weird monsters and animals make up Funko’s "Spastik Plastik" line, and metallic T-Bone seams to be the most expensive character. This one is of a bull with a nose ring holding a scrumptious looking T-bone steak. If you can get your hands on him, he’ll set you back about $1,460

  1. Loki (The Avengers) Value: $1,590

These were made in celebration of the first "Avengers" movie, this figure of Loki wearing his gold armor and helmet is very sought after. These are not all that rare, since 480 of these were available at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. Surprisingly these are highly sought after among Pop collectors.

  1. Freddy Krueger Freddy Funko Value: $1,560

Here we have a holy grail Pop that haunts the dreams of Pop collectors that were released in 2011, this Freddy Krueger Freddy Funko.  It features the iconic green-and-red striped sweater whilst wielding the finger-knife glove.

  1. The Mad Hatter Freddy Funko (Glow-in-the-Dark) value $1,620

This Pop was created in 2016 for the "Alice Through the Looking Glass" movie. It is believed that this Funko could be more popular than the movie itself and is highly sought after.

  1. Leather-face Freddy Funko (Bloody) value $1,630

This Leather-face figurine with Freddy Funko is extremely rare.  It was made in 2012 inspired by the "Texas Chainsaw 3D". It is very rare because only 12 of these variants were ever made. One

  1. Deadpool Freddy (Grey) value $1,710

This variant of Freddy Funko dressed up as Deadpool is another rare coveted pop. They are difficult to come by and when they do, they are snapped up quickly

  1. Kiss Demon Freddy Funko (Glow in the Dark) $1,750

This Freddy Funko was made in two variants, a 2012 & 2018. It is another super rare Pop and it has an estimated value of $1,750

We continue tomorrow with the countdown to 30…….


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