LEGO takes on Adults

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Adults have increasingly become targeted by toy makers. With increased competition and slow sales growth, toy makers are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to cultivate more fruitful markets. Adults tend to have more disposable income, which translates to more potential spending power. This very important fact makes them an attractive demography.

So what are toy makers doing to capture the attention of adults? Simple, toy makers are turning back the hands of time by bringing back retro cult classics from days gone by. I mean who wouldn’t want a piece of their child hood? By capitalizing on nostalgia, Lego has adults buying kits of cult classics like Star wars, and it doesn’t hurt that they can pay $799.99 for a 7,541 Pcs Star Wars Millennium Falcon #75192 set or $399.99 for the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 6020 Pcs #71043 Set.

With one foot through the door, Lego has another ace up their sleeves, they have discovered adults find Lego blocks to be good for stress relief. Adults in high pressured jobs have said Lego’s help them disconnect from hectic work related stress LEGO have a calming and relaxing quality, one can zone out for hours on end as they work on their blocks. Because of this, Lego has redesigned the instructions manuals to suit adults to further enhance the experience. Adult fans of Lego have inspired dozens of Facebook groups encouraging other Lego builders on how to use the bricks as a form of stress relief and not to create complicated models but to simply revel in the process. Because of this, the toy manufacturer is increasingly looking beyond die-hard hobbyists and courting the casual builder in search of modern-day tranquility.

LEGO has surely found a winning strategy and will remain relevant for years to come.

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