Is it a toy or work of art?

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At the turn of the century, collectibles such as comics and action figures where the bastion of kids and in that regard, deemed toys. I remember the day I got my first box of LEGO Star Wars set as Christmas gift, I hurriedly opened the box and set about playing with my newly acquired toys. Fast forward 20 years later that very box set is a recognized collectors’ item and extremely valuable. It turns out these toys have not faded away or been tucked into boxes, gathering dust. In fact, they’ve been elevated firmly into the art wold. Some people had the foresight to recognize the collectible nature of build able brick toys and figurines.

A quick search online, one will discover sites like ours, dedicated in the buying and selling of collectibles from the likes of LEGO & Funko Pops. This is not only confirms the existence of an ever-expanding market, it also displays a vast range of styles and approaches captivating peoples’ minds. These toys have now become a worldwide thing, and shifted the definition of collectible toys. The usual market for such pieces ranges from art collectors to fans of the individual brands to designers and other artists. They are unmistakably not exclusively for kids and some of the themes hint at violence, sex and death, and some of these are prohibitively expensive. Toy manufacturers are pushing the boundaries forward by using not just vinyl pieces, but incorporating materials like ceramics and wood. The final product is piece of extremely good quality.

Sales of all collectible toys, a category that also includes action figures, miniature figures and pop figures has surged in recent times. That has helped the toy industry’s overall sales rise 5 percent last year, No matter how such designer toys are labelled, consumer demand has made the sector a booming business. Designer toys are typically made from materials such as resin, vinyl and wood. Some are original designs by urban artists, but most have pop-culture roots, which has led to brisk business for the figures at fan driven conventions such as Comic-Con and at specialty shops where they are sold to fans and collectors. The entertainment industry has been very proactive by licensing characters for designer toys to promote movies, TV series and video games. Some action figures are produced in limited editions, making them highly valuable to collectors. Smaller toys are often sold in blind packaging, similar to trading cards, giving the buyers an extra thrill of mystery. This has led to a trend known as unboxing, in which excited fans open pop figures packaging in the hope of getting a rare figure whilst posting the frenzy on YouTube.

Bricks and vinyl figurines are just as relevant today and are a unique representation of past and present trends in pop culture. They capture the imagination of millions and their value keeps rising at an exponential pace, so weather you recognize them as a toy that you unbox, or a collection of art which you leave boxed and curated in a safe place just to be looked at and untouched, they will always have place in our hearts.

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