Congratulations Paul Scardino on your Guinness World Record Funko Pops!

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It was the summer of 2017 when Paul Scardino received his 1st pack of Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines as a birthday gift. Hawkeye and Spider-Man from the Marvel's Captain America: Civil War movie were his induction in to the world of Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines. Who would have thought this would spur him on to a journey to break a Guinness World Record of 5,360 figurines!

Once Paul had his first taste of the world of figurines he was compelled to start researching the different types available, and his heart was set on collecting Marvel and DC comic book related figurine. This opened him up to a whole new world, He soon realized there were several lines, from movies, television and animation.  His collection started with purchases of those that were of interested to him, this grew the collection of most of the lines and as he tried to complete sets.

The time spent collecting his record breaking collection helped him cope with some personal changes. Paul has a passion for social justice and equality and this resonates with the nature of his collection. He has spent much of his life supporting mental health initiatives, particularly those that deal with youth at risk.

Paul’s collection is well organized and well documented in a mammoth spreadsheet, this is expected considering that vast numbers involved. It has taken Paul three years to put this collection together and the task of hunting down specific pieces has been tough, through the help of multiple well trusted sources from stores, online vendors and unique community online to buy, sell, and trade for older Pops.  Here at Brick Pops, we will reach out to Paul to see if we have something to help him complete some of his collection

Paul will be featured in the 2021 Guinness World Records edition, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours

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